Friday, 16 March 2012

Knit Relief Bootees - the pattern

So yesterday I posted this post about Knit Relief and the the bootees that I have made which are currently up for auction amongst many fabulous items knitted by the members of #TwitKnitClub. 

I thought that it's only fair to give you all the pattern, both so that you can have a go at making them yourselves (but only after bidding on mine!) and to give proper acknowledgement to the lovely lady who designed the original pattern.

Both pairs of bootees are adapted from the free pattern that Saartje Knits shares on her website.

The white ones are simply the same pattern, with the exception that I simply didn't change the colour of my yarn as I felt that the interesting texture of the wool was enough. 

The 'ballet slippers' used the same pattern for forming the sole and shaping the instep, but I simply cast-off along the whole row at the point that the straps are formed on the original pattern.  The pattern is really easy to follow and produces such a lovely result.  I really recommend it.

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