Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Normal service will be resumed shortly...

Righty-ho! I've been away for a week at the wonderful Woodlarks Campsite, volunteering at the Pioneer II camp.  After a week of burning the candle at both ends, I am not feeling particularly bloggy!

Lots of scary stuff happened to the UK whilst I was tucked away in idyllic surroundings in the woods in Surrey. For me it seems particularly surreal as the news filtered in, shocked us all, and then everything seemed to calm down before our return home.  So it seems (certainly from my lovely bit of Warwickshire) as if it never happened at all.  However this is not the case for those whose livelihoods and homes have been affected.   I believe though, that there may have been a positive effect to all of the nastiness. 

Since I got home, I have been really touched to see the proliferation of the hashtag #riotcleanup and the support groups (both internet based and very real) springing up.  If nothing else, the events of the last ten days or so seems to have made us all remember how comforting it is to look out for each other.  If, like me, you felt a little shaken by the whole episode, have your faith in humanity restored at:

Broom Army
Riot Rebuild
DeLoot London
Operation Cup of Tea

Monday, 1 August 2011

TwitKnitClub Monday update

Quick Monday update, as I'm feeling a bit guilty for missing my Sunday update! Peppa is now fully knitted and constructed...

I was so close to finishing that I'd hoped to be able to present the finished Peppa but I'm finding it very slow doing the embroidery for the facial features neatly enough.  You can see on the picture she has paper templates pinned to her face as a guide. I will keep trying...